Before you can start a new project, you first need to get buy-in from your municipal council or other city staff. Set yourself up for success by building a strong business case for your proposed sustainability initiative. 

Watch this webinar recording and discover the five critical focus areas you need to address to get your project started, from financing and partnerships to integrating a triple-bottom-line approach. With presentations from municipal champions who have successfully launched green initiatives, you’ll gain valuable insights on how to bring your project to life.

This webinar recording includes how to:

  • Finance your project and ensure long-term financial viability – and how GMF can help.
  • Forge long-term partnerships with firms, agencies and contractors.
  • Include capacity building in your strategy.
  • Integrate social, climate and economic benefits into your plan.
  • Engage with your community and other key stakeholders at every stage of the project.


  • Kevin Boutilier, Solar City Halifax
  • Gordon Szaszi, Niagara Region's 1st Social Housing LEED Building
  • Amy Elgersma, City of Iqaluit's new LEED Silver Aquatic Centre

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For two decades, we’ve led the way in supporting innovative municipal sustainability projects across Canada. Through GMF’s unique mix of training, resources and funding, municipalities have improved their air, water and soil quality, and tackled the impacts of climate change. With our help, municipalities and their partners have brought more than 1,310 sustainable projects to life.

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