In this video, Tara Tran, Senior Planner, City of Brantford discusses how, in 2015, the City of Brantford launched a two-year cleanup of  The Greenwich Mohawk brownfield site—the culmination of years of preparation.

Beginning in 2002, the City of Brantford commissioned several remediation studies to assess the environmental conditions of the site. The studies confirmed extensive contamination to the site, including gas, diesel, oil, heavy metals and other chemicals, as well as structural debris and underground storage tanks.  

Ms Tran explains that working on the City of Brantford’s Greenwich Mohawk project has highlighted the importance of two key strategies that contributed to their success:

  1. Including project champions representing each area of involvement and
  2. Ensuring open and honest dialogue with people to progress and overcome obstacles and complaints.

Through the project, 20 hectares of land have remediated, 148,900 cubic metres of soil excavated and 120,000 litres of oil removed from groundwater

The site is now completely remediated enabling the site will be redeveloped in the future. 


Tara Tran, Senior Planner, City of Brantford

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