Investment in long-term climate resilience

GMF is currently developing its new program, Local Leadership for Climate Adaptation. The program will provide funding and skills development support to local governments to adapt and build long-term resiliency to the impacts of climate change. By 2031, this $530M program will fund more than 1,400 municipal activities.

The soon to launch program is made possible with generous support from the Government of Canada. GMF is a key partner supporting the delivery of the Government of Canada Adaptation Action Plan (GOCAAP) which was announced in November 2022.

Initiatives designed for impact

Investments in climate adaption will protect Canadians and their communities from extreme weather events and minimize the long-term costs associated with climate change impacts. Every dollar invested in adapting to climate change, and protecting Canadians against climate disasters, can save as much as $13-15 in future costs (according to the Canadian Climate Institute, 2022).

Our program will ensure long-term climate resiliency by supporting the:

  • Integration of equitable and inclusive climate considerations into municipal plans, processes and management systems, such as asset management systems
  • Increased implementation of equitable climate adaptation action taken by Canadian municipalities
  • Development of new financing models leveraged by Canadian municipalities to finance climate adaptation capital projects

What this means for municipalities:

  • Skills development, training and resources to help identify risks, develop plans and implement climate adaptation solutions
  • Funding and peer learning support to embed climate adaption considerations into your municipal systems
  • Funding to implement and test local climate adaptation plans
  • Funding, inclusive of grants and concessional financing, to assess innovative financing models for resilient infrastructure projects, developing the business case for greater private sector participation in adaptation financing.

New funding

Funding will be available to municipalities and partners to deliver training to municipalities. Funded initiatives and projects will include risk assessments, climate adaptation plans, developing risk-based infrastructure funding systems, feasibility studies, natural asset management and capital projects.

GMF is still finalizing the process for receiving the funds from the Government of Canada. We are also working to develop the criteria for funding initiatives, which includes conducting extensive consultations with municipalities. Please stay tuned for opportunities to contribute to the development of this program.

We will provide details on funding amounts, eligibility and timelines as soon as we can.

If you have feedback or questions related to the new climate initiatives, please contact

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