GMF’s Organic Waste-to-Energy offer supports communities to reduce greenhouse gas emissions by generating energy from organic waste streams or landfill gas.

We fund business case developmentfeasibility studies and capital projects that allow municipalities to produce and use local sources of energy and generate additional valuable products such as digestate and fertilizers.

What we fund

  • Projects that generate energy from landfill gas, anaerobic digestion, or aerobic composting with heat recovery.
  • Energy systems that use organic feedstocks including food waste, yard waste, biosolids, or the organic fraction of construction/demolition waste, packaging, agricultural or forestry waste.
  • Business cases that assess viable waste-to-energy systems and business models for a given site and/or feedstock.
  • Detailed technical assessments outlining the design of a proposed organic waste-to-energy system.
  • Construction of organic waste-to-energy systems.


  • Reduce corporate GHG emissions in line with Canada’s 2030 and 2050 targets.
  • Recover energy from material that would otherwise end up in landfills or waste disposal sites.
  • Generate additional valuable products from organic materials, such as digestate and fertilizers.
  • Produce and utilize local sources of clean energy.
  • Reduce dependence on fossil-fuel generated and/or imported sources of energy.
  • Generate savings/revenues from recovered energy and resources.

What we do not fund

The following are ineligible under this offer, but may be eligible through GMF’s Community Energy Systems offer

  • Energy generation projects that power multiple buildings through district energy systems.

The following are ineligible under this offer, but may be eligible through GMF’s Net-Zero Transformation offer:

  • pyrolysis and gasification systems (low/no oxygen systems)
  • non-organic feedstock materials
  • pilot projects trialing emerging and/or untested technologies, or the application of technologies in novel and/or untested circumstances

The following are ineligible for funding:

  • Combustion of waste (high oxygen systems).
  • Projects that rely on feedstocks that would otherwise be recycled or reused to generate higher value end products.
  • Waste collection, transfer stations, recycling facilities, eco-centres.
  • Landfill gas recovery systems and methane control monitoring for landfills that are required to control methane emissions under provincial or proposed federal landfill gas regulations. However, methane destruction devices including energy generation systems are eligible for these sites.
  • Agricultural or forestry biomass grown or harvested for the purpose of producing energy.

Available funding

We support projects at various stages of development through grants and loans. Funding amounts are based on total eligible costs. Further details on eligible costs are provided on individual funding pages.

Business case: Organic Waste-to-Energy

Assess viable waste-to-energy systems and business models for your project

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Study: Organic Waste-to-Energy

Outline the design of a proposed organic waste-to-energy system

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Capital project: Organic Waste-to-Energy

Construct, commission and begin operation of an organic waste-to-energy system

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Have a project that goes above and beyond?

GMF’s Net-Zero Transformation offer funds the development and demonstration of new solutions to support the municipal transition to net-zero. We provide funding for plans, studies, pilots and capital projects for a wide range of innovative and replicable initiatives that have significant GHG reduction benefits.

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