Cover of guide of LiBRe Best practices framework.The LiBRe program is structured around a best practices framework for becoming a municipal leader in brownfield renewal. By providing tailored learning materials and peer learning activities, the program supports participants' progress through the seven steps outlined below, which may be adapted to suit the local context. The steps can be completed one-by-one, or several may be undertaken simultaneously. Program members may also  build on work already accomplished.

To be recognized for achieving each step, members must submit the deliverables listed below.

LiBRe Framework Step


Commit to action: 
Raise awareness and secure a formal municipal commitment to support brownfield redevelopment
  • A municipal policy or strategy document that identifies brownfields or revitalization as a municipal priority (e.g. official plan, Council resolution, strategy document
  • Evidence that the municipality has established an internal brownfield working group (e.g. list of members and terms of reference)
Understand the landscape: 
Conduct a detailed analysis of brownfield sites and the local context
  • Evidence that the municipality has researched the local brownfield context (e.g. brownfield inventory, assessment of priority sites)
Build partnerships: 
Build relationships with key brownfield stakeholders
  • Evidence that the municipality has identified and is collaborating with local brownfield stakeholders (e.g. community brownfield advisory committee)
Devise a strategy: 
Develop a formal policy and programs for facilitating brownfield redevelopment
  • A municipal brownfield policy document (e.g. brownfield strategy, Community Improvement Plan)
Promote programs and opportunities:
Build awareness of brownfield issues, programs and redevelopment opportunities
  • Documents, materials and/or websites promoting the municipal brownfield programs and/or redevelopment opportunities
Manage programs and projects:
Foster the redevelopment of local brownfield sites
  • A short description and photos of brownfield redevelopment projects undertaken in the past year (e.g. studies, remediation, risk management, interim use or redevelopment)
Evaluate, improve and celebrate:
Assess and improve brownfield redevelopment policies, programs and processes, and celebrate success
  • Evidence of periodic assessment and reporting on brownfield program impacts (e.g. a brownfield program evaluation report or memo, a revised brownfield strategy)

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