Discover practical and cost-effective sustainability solutions for your community

Many of today's innovative best practices in sustainability seemed radical just 10 years ago. In a series of six articles, we explore inspiring projects and sustainability solutions being implemented in cities and towns of all sizes across Canada. 

Read the whole series to find new ideas to bring to your municipal council, learn more about concepts you may already have heard about, and find resources to help you implement these solutions in your community. 

Articles in the series

How to gain $1.2M in value from wastewater

  • Learn about Cranbrook, BC's award-winning project to reclaim wastewater for irrigation. Part of a series on sustainability ideas for Canadian communities. 

How Saint-Hyacinthe turns waste into biogas

  • Learn how a Quebec community creates biogas plus environmental and economic benefits from organic waste.

Do you have aging suburban infrastructure?

  • Learn how Brampton, ON, is preparing its older suburbs for climate change. Part of a series on sustainability ideas for Canadian communities.

Why net-zero energy helps reduce emissions and costs

  • Net-zero energy buildings are designed to produce as much energy as they consume. Learn how this can help your community reduce greenhouse gases and costs. 

Cut GHG in half with low-carbon design

  • Explore an important sustainability approach Canadian municipalities can use to lower GHG and infrastructure costs, and increase affordable housing.

How to quadruple bike use in your region

  • Follow Ottawa's lead and integrate transit and cycling to increase bike use year-round. Part of a series on sustainability ideas for Canadian communities.

This series was inspired by "From Crazy to Common Sense: 'Radical' Ideas Whose Time Have Come," a workshop held at the Federation of Canadian Municipalities' 2016 Sustainable Communities Conference.

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