Municipal wastewater systems release more than six billion cubic meters of effluent into waterways each year. Municipalities working to improve the quality of their effluent face significant challenges in upgrading aging infrastructure to comply with increasingly stringent provincial and federal regulations.

This series provides a framework to help municipalities develop innovative and sustainable wastewater system projects. The articles draw on proven lessons from a dozen of the successful wastewater treatment studies and projects that FCM's Green Municipal Fund (GMF) has funded.

Practical tips you can use to guide your project

The articles cover specific, hands-on tips for the three key phases of a successful wastewater plant project:

  1. Project scoping and stakeholder engagement
  2. Project planning and design
  3. Procurement, construction and start-up

In each article, you'll find:

The project checklist highlights important points to consider at each step. Use the checklist as a guide to ensure that you are addressing the key issues during each phase of your project.

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