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Are you a small or medium-sized municipality that is building or upgrading your wastewater facility to comply with new regulations introduced by the federal government? 

Watch the webinar recordings from our three-part, online workshop series on wastewater best practices, strategies and solutions for Canadian municipalities.

Discover successful strategies and solutions to implement wastewater projects in your municipality and meet the 2012 federal Wastewater Systems Effluent Regulations

In these sessions, you will learn how to:

  • Create and deliver successful proposals and projects for wastewater treatment plants
  • Apply project management best practices, including project scoping, planning, design, procurement, construction and operations
  • Work with and gain support from a multidisciplinary team and local stakeholders to improve your project

You'll also discover solutions to key technical and project management challenges that you may encounter.

Each session draws upon the lessons learned and best practices from wastewater projects funded by FCM's Green Municipal Fund.

Session 1: Project scoping and stakeholder engagement

Learn how to access and share tools, information and examples of best practices in project scoping and stakeholder engagement. Study successful approaches used in northern and remote communities, as well as by the City of Cranbrook, BC, and discover how you can apply similar techniques in your own community.


  • Heather Castleden, Associate Professor, Department of Public Health Sciences, Queen's University, Kingston, ON
  • Allan Gordon, Mechanical Engineer, J.L. Richards & Associates Limited, Guelph, ON
  • Joe McGowan, Director, Infrastructure Planning & Delivery, City of Cranbrook, BC


Session 2: Project planning and design

The second session identifies tips in project planning and design, with a focus on lessons learned from the City of Brockville, ON. Learn about different strategies, including how to: 

  • Integrate teams and processes
  • Optimize long-term returns on investment and development
  • Prepare budget and scheduling contingencies


  • Angus Chu, Associate Professor, Schulich School of Engineering, University of Calgary, Calgary, AB
  • Conal Cosgrove, Director of Operations, City of Brockville, ON


Session 3: Procurement, construction and start-up

Learn about the successful approaches to procurement, construction and start-up used by the Regional Municipality of Waterloo, ON, in their wastewater plant upgrade. This session also examines:

  • Proven approaches to flexible procurement practices
  • Effective communication
  • Comprehensive training and change planning
  • How to commission work plans and detailed testing


  • Jo-Anne Ing, Head, Environmental Engineering Design and Construction, Region of Waterloo, ON
  • Bowdin King, Development Officer, Green Municipal Fund


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