Watch this webinar for an overview of the process of redeveloping a brownfield site in your community, from the environmental assessment to remediation of the site. This session focuses primarily on the process for Quebec communities, but many of the concepts are relevant to municipalities across Canada.

You will learn:

  • How to determine whether or not a site is contaminated
  • How environmental assessment works
  • What factors influence the chosen remediation approach
  • What types of experts you should consult, and the role consultants play in the redevelopment process
  • How brownfield redevelopment promotes environmental, economic and social health for communities


  • Stéphanie Bohdanow, Advisor, Knowledge Services, Federation of Canadian Municipalities


  • Guillaume Couillard, M.Sc., P. Geo., GMF Advisor, Federation of Canadian Municipalities
  • Laurent Pilon, M. Sc., Coordinator, Sectors - Soil and Groundwater, Air and Climate Change, Réseau Environnement

Read the transcript. (Available in original language)


This webinar is delivered in French only.

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