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This webinar teaches participants how land use decisions are tied to the fiscal health of a municipality and its ability to achieve climate targets. Sustainability leaders will share their insights on the benefits of integrated planning for intensification and the ways in which it fosters complete, compact, and resilient communities. Some of the innovative examples from the municipal leaders will include Edmonton’s approach to transforming the urban shape of the city while aligning their brownfield program with their Growth Management Framework. 

Who this webinar is for:

The target public for this webinar includes a general municipal audience with a particular emphasis on:

  • land use planners
  • infrastructure and transportation planners
  • housing providers
  • climate change staff
  • brownfield and sustainable practitioners


  • Howaida Hassan, General Supervisor, Urban Growth Unit, City of Edmonton
  • Liam McClellan, Principal Planner, Economic Investment services, City of Edmonton
  • Jeremy Murphy, Principal, Sustainability Solutions Group
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