Brownfield renewal plays a critical role in improving the environmental, social and economic health of municipalities across Canada. This annual review, Leadership in Brownfield Renewal Program 2015-2016 Achievements: Working together for a revitalized future, highlights municipal successes in redeveloping contaminated sites during the Leadership in Brownfield Renewal (LiBRe) program's inaugural year. Cities and towns across Canada are working together to plan and implement site redevelopment projects and other initiatives that support long-term sustainability.

Read this review to learn about:

  • Stories from municipal leaders who are actively working in brownfield redevelopment across Canada — and who can help with your own project.
  • Case studies and examples of brownfield redevelopment projects that you can apply in your community.
  • How the LiBRe program can help you connect with a network of municipalities that are committed to bringing contaminated sites back into productive use. 
  • The seven steps to brownfield redevelopment success.

FCM's Green Municipal Fund launched the LiBRe program in June 2015 to help municipalities better understand, navigate and reduce barriers to brownfield redevelopment. In addition to offering creative ideas and practical examples that all communities can learn from, this annual review introduces the program's inaugural members and presents future plans for LiBRe 2016-2017. 

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