This webinar aims to optimize municipal building envelopes by providing actionable insights and proven sustainable solutions. Starting with building envelope maintenance, a crucial aspect of energy efficiency, participants will learn how to identify heat loss in community buildings. The webinar will equip you with tools, methods, and strategies to assess opportunities for improvement and implement cost-effective solutions. By optimizing the building envelope, you will learn how to enhance both comfort and energy efficiency, contributing to multiple benefits in your community.

FCM’s Community Buildings Retrofit initiative is delivered through our Green Municipal Fund and funded by the Government of Canada.

What you will learn:

  • Understand the mechanisms behind heat loss through the building envelope
  • Identify effective tools and methods for assessing opportunities to enhance energy efficiency
  • Explore building envelope energy savings opportunities and strategies for implementation

Webinar benefits:

  • Explore real-world examples of municipalities that have successfully completed community building retrofit upgrades, providing valuable inspiration and practical lessons that can guide your own retrofit initiatives
  • Understand how your facility goals can align with your community's climate action plans, ensuring that your retrofit efforts contribute to broader sustainability objectives and maximize the positive impact on your community's environmental goals
  • Discover the available funding options for community building retrofits and gain insights to determine the most suitable ones for your municipality

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