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Is your community interested in district energy? District energy systems heat many buildings from one source, often capturing and re-using wasted heat energy by way of underground pipes. These systems can heat and cool buildings more efficiently than individual systems can, lowering local GHG emissions and reducing energy costs.  

Join us for an introductory webinar on the benefits of district energy. You’ll hear from district energy experts on common challenges, solutions, opportunities and more.  

In this webinar recording, you’ll:

  • Understand if and how district energy fits within your community’s climate action plan 
  • Learn about implementation strategies and how to get started
  • Find a high-level overview of types of developments, sources of energy or waste heat that can be used in district energy systems
  • Hear about FCM’s available funding opportunities and which may be right for you


  • Cimir Bains, Engineering Project Manager, Renewable Energy Systems, City of Edmonton, AB
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