Funding Snapshot

Maximum Award:

Grants of up to $175,000 to cover up to 80% of eligible costs.

Open To:

All Canadian municipal governments; Municipal partners applying in partnership with a municipal government.

The following entities are not eligible to receive funds directly:

Federal government entities and any organizations established by those entities
Provincial and territorial government entities and any corporation that they own or control

Application Deadline:

Applications are accepted year round, though this offer will close when all funding has been allocated.

Eligible Costs:

See the application guide for a list of eligible costs.

Lay the groundwork for a home-energy upgrade financing program by documenting the details needed to obtain approval from your local government. A design study builds upon market intelligence and research, including feasibility studies, by advancing a program design that meets local community needs and municipal priorities.  

Based on the needs of the applicant, a program design study may address the following design considerations: 

  • Eligibility criteria and target audience 
  • Program delivery models 
    • A program theory logic model outlining how the program will intervene to address local barriers, generate energy savings, and support market transformation 
    • Application of the EnerGuide Rating System and relevant requirements for program participants 
  • Program setup and administration 
    • Program implementation plan 
    • Client journey and application process 
  • Legal and risk issues  
    • Risk identification and management strategies 
    • Contracting and procurement 
  • Financing terms and conditions 

For a full list of considerations, please review our application guide


  • A community energy, sustainability or climate action plan, or similar, that identifies energy efficiency and renewable energy in the residential sector as a priority area for action 
  • A completed feasibility study (or equivalent) that recommends one or more financing options for detailed program design 


Program design studies are a prerequisite when applying for capital project funding.

Funding subject to availability. We reserve the right to make changes to eligibility criteria and the types of projects funded through this offer. 

How to Apply

  1. Review the application guide. Make sure to look at the eligibility criteria and required document sections.
  2. Visit the FCM funding portal to create your profile and request a PIN to access the system.  Already have an FCM funding portal profile? Skip to Step 3. 
  3. Complete the pre-application form available on the FCM funding portal.
  4. Submit the form to GMF following the instructions in the application guide. Applicants will receive a response within 15 business days of receipt of the initial proposal.
  5. Eligible projects will be invited to submit a full application.

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