Want to help your residents improve the energy performance of their homes? GMF’s Community Efficiency Financing (CEF) initiative is a $300 million “program of programs” that will help you do just that. It supports municipalities and their partners to create or scale up innovative financing programs that enable higher energy performance and lower GHG emissions in low-rise residential homes.

Watch this webinar recording to learn what types of studies and programs can be funded, which financing models are eligible, and how to judge whether you’re ready to apply. You’ll also get an introduction to the capacity-building resources we have available for CEF.


  • Jim Wren, Outreach Advisor, FCM Programs
  • Marco Iacampo, Senior Design Specialist, Knowledge and Sector Development

This webinar was recorded June, 2020 as part of GMF’s Webby Week.

Interested in more CEF resources? These factsheets will help you get started.

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