How do you ensure your projects last?

Long term vision is key to building projects that maximize their potential, especially when it comes to climate impacts and emissions. These projects require careful planning and a management approach that can adapt to changing circumstances.

Watch this webinar recording and explore how to build and adapt projects to make them truly sustainable in the long term. The presentations draw on 20 years of GMF-supported initiatives to showcase the possibilities. Plus, you’ll learn from sustainability champions who explain how they overcame changes to staff and systems to maintain their projects over time.

This webinar recording includes how to:

  • Convert current costs into opportunities for future development
  • Measure environmental, social and economic benefits
  • Retain those benefits after project completion
  • Take advantage of GMF funding and capacity building opportunities


  • Bryan Purcell, The Atmospheric Fund, Toronto Community Housing energy retrofits
  • Johanne Ouellet, Regional electric car-sharing system implementation (SAUVéR) pilot project
  • Michael Hay, Hybridizing public transit in the unique Town of Banff
  • Jim Wren, Advisor, Programs Outreach, Community Efficiency Financing, GMF
  • Anne-Charlotte Olivier, Project Coordinator, Capacity Development, GMF

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For two decades, we’ve led the way in supporting innovative municipal sustainability projects across Canada. Through GMF’s unique mix of training, resources and funding, municipalities have improved their air, water and soil quality, and tackled the impacts of climate change. With our help, municipalities and their partners have brought more than 1,310 sustainable projects to life.

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