Canada's transition to a low-carbon economy necessitates cutting-edge affordable housing solutions. These should create employment and enhance climate resilience and make life more affordable by reducing energy costs. Affordable housing can significantly contribute to this transition by reducing greenhouse gas emissions, moving us towards net-zero targets.

Our guide, Understanding energy efficiency: a guide for affordable housing providers, offers a comprehensive look into energy conservation measures to boost energy efficiency. If you're a novice to energy efficiency or seeking more advanced energy-saving measures, the guide provides practical, actionable steps that save money, augment the wellbeing of your residents, and strengthen the resilience of your buildings.

How Can Our Guide Help You?

  1. Comprehend the Impact: Understand the far-reaching impact of energy conservation on affordable housing residents.
  2. Discover Benefits and Savings: Learn about the advantages and cost savings of energy conservation.
  3. Explore Actionable Measures: Uncover actionable energy conservation measures.
  4. Start an Energy Project: Kickstart your journey to an energy-efficient housing project.

Fact Sheets

We've distilled the key content into easily digestible fact sheets for easier access. They deliver essential insights quickly and easily, providing a great starting point for those new to energy efficiency.

  1. Fact Sheet 1 - Options to Conserve Energy and Save Money: Discover various energy conservation measures (ECMs) and how retrofitting can improve energy efficiency in our housing stock.
  2. Fact Sheet 2 - Why Energy Efficiency Matters: Understand why energy efficiency is a crucial part of the strategy to reduce greenhouse gas emissions and combat energy poverty.
  3. Fact Sheet 3 - Six easy steps to your energy efficiency project: Learn how energy conservation aligns with Canada's commitment to a low-carbon future.

Who is this guide for?

This guide and the accompanying fact sheets are for affordable housing providers - municipalities, affordable housing providers, and housing cooperatives - dedicated to improving energy efficiency in their buildings. Dive into these resources and take your first step towards a sustainable, efficient, affordable housing future.

Download the guide here.

Download fact sheet 1: Options to Conserve Energy and Save Money

Download fact sheet 2: Why Energy Efficiency Matters

Download fact sheet 3: Six easy steps to your energy efficiency project

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