In Canada, a significant portion of GHG emissions are produced by buildings. Non-profit housing also typically shows lower energy performance than comparable for-profit housing, particularly as Canada’s aging affordable housing stock’s building components deteriorate over time.

Watch this webinar recording to learn three pathways to use asset management to improve energy performance in affordable housing.

Speaker: Edward Beckett, Asset Management Coordinator with the BC Non-Profit Housing Association and FCM’s Regional Energy Coach for BC

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In this webinar, you will learn:

  • How to use asset inventories and maintenance plans to decrease energy use
  • Strategies for building check-ups such as walkthrough audits, energy studies, and recommissioning
  • How to prioritize energy efficient design and equipment in energy efficient retrofits

Watch this webinar recording to learn how Housing Nova Scotia (HNS) has integrated energy efficiency into their asset management strategy.

Speaker: Ramzi Kawar, Director, Greening and Sustainable Business Practices in the Department of Infrastructure & Housing at Housing Nova Scotia

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This webinar recording includes:

  • Information on HNS’s Greening Strategy, Energy Reduction Initiative, and Efficiency Nova Scotia program
  • Case study examples featuring Passive House models and a building envelope upgrade
  • The HNS Energy Management Strategy for 2021-2026
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