In this impressive retrofit initiative, we learn how The Atmospheric Fund, in partnership with Toronto Community Housing achieved impressive environmental benefits. The project saw GHG emissions by the equivalent of 963 tons of CO2 and creating over $450,000 in annual utility cost savings. Through the project, however, they realized that they could achieve so much more. Their resident-engagement program uncovered important resident perceptions of the health and comfort conditions in their homes.

By partnering with Building Up, a non-profit organization that trains people facing employment barriers, the project hired 12 community members on a short-term basis and 90% of them have since gone on to apprenticeships or careers in the trades – often with other contractors who worked on the project.

The project’s innovative financing model, a form of non-debt financing, has carved the way for new thinking in project financing.


Bryan Purcell, Vice-President of Policy and Programs at The Atmospheric Fund

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This video is extracted from the webinar "How to adapt green municipal projects to stand the test of time" presented on March, 30 , 2021. Watch the full webinar.

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