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This self-paced course focuses on foundational information and emphasizes the importance of energy modelling within municipal infrastructure projects. The course is broken into 3 modules, in which you will learn the basics of energy modelling and receive practical knowledge and skills to help you make informed decisions for your next infrastructure project. The course introduces basic energy modelling and explains how energy modelling can fit into the design and implementation of any municipal infrastructure project.  

This course offers several benefits, including:

  • Energy modelling knowledge such that you can confidently integrate modelling into your own municipal project designs
  • 11 concise lessons that provide the tools for building an energy modelling business case and communicating the case to other staff, decision-makers, community members, and Council
  • Online modules that identify five key steps, including who needs to be involved at each stage, what factors need to be considered, and the best opportunities to make changes

At the end of the course, you will be able to state the business case for energy modelling, know how to create an energy model and understand how to implement energy modelling into building and project design.

This course is designed for all persons working for Canadian municipalities as well as those interested in learning about energy modelling. No pre-requisites required.