Eastern Shelburne County Energy Strategy

Installed solar panels

To reduce energy costs and greenhouse gas emissions, the Municipality of the District of Shelburne has endorsed projects that will use wind, solar panels and waste-wood pellets to generate electricity and heat.

The renewable-energy projects will reduce municipal dependence on costly electricity and heat from fossil-fuel power plants, which add 106,000 tonnes of greenhouse gas to the county atmosphere each year.

Residents, business and institutions have been encouraged to install similar, smaller renewable-energy systems and to practise conservation by using energy-efficient lights and junking older gas-guzzling cars.


Environmental Economic Social
  • 531 fewer tonnes of GHG emissions annually from wood-pellet heating in local hospital
  • Nine fewer tonnes of GHG emissions from solar hot-water heating in local fire hall
  • $130,727 savings annually from wood-pellet heating in hospital
  • $3,106 savings each year from solar hot-water heating in fire hall
  • Community-wide installations of renewable-energy systems leads to a cleaner atmosphere, healthier living
  • Energy savings to reduce living costs


  • No direct municipal influence over private renewable-energy-use decisions.
  • Constantly changing rules for renewable-energy project funding.
  • Fluctuating prices and supplies of wood-waste heating material.

Lessons learned

  • Avoid duplication and save money by collaborating with other municipalities on shared-interest energy projects.
  • Ensure municipal alternative-energy installations are financially within reach.
  • Set a strategy that can accommodate renewable-energy opportunities when they come up.


Partners and Collaborators

Project Contact

Emily Tipton
Sustainable Development Coordinator
District of Shelburne, NS
T. 902-875-3489

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