Ile-des-Chenes Community Centre New Build Energy

A community centre in the rural municipality of Richtot

To prepare for a projected 12 per cent population increase by 2035, this bedroom community 15 kilometres southeast of Winnipeg built an energy-efficient community centre featuring a large daycare facility, a 500-seat banquet hall and 6,000 square feet of rental space for medical and government services.

To reduce energy costs and attract more government funding, the municipality opted for a district geothermal heating and cooling system that serves not only the community centre but a refurbished arena and fire hall nearby. The 30,000-square-foot centre, built in anticipation of a Leadership in Environmental and Energy Design (LEED) silver certification, has many energy-saving features, as well as low-flow toilets and water-saving taps.
Energy costs for the new centre, arena and fire hall are expected to be about 60 per cent lower than those for ordinary buildings of similar size. 


Environmental Economic Social
  • Uses geothermal heating and cooling and other energy-efficient building features to achieve 60 percent  energy savings
  • Reduces GHG emissions with geothermal heating and by reducing vehicle travel of residents seeking recreation and health services elsewhere
  • Rental income from daycare, banquet hall and offices offset operating costs
  • Reduced heating bills offset geothermal installation costs
  • Provides a venue for social and other community events
  • Allows space for child care and future medical and government services


  • Meeting strict government-imposed construction deadlines.
  • Adding the arena and fire hall to the geothermal system mid-project to qualify for more government funding.
  • Incorporating costly design changes after construction was underway.

Lessons learned

  • Carefully review the business case for big projects before work begins to avoid learning as you build.
  • Be familiar with design requirements for government-funded projects to avoid expensive late-stage changes.
  • Move deliberately. Rushed design and construction work can lead to costly oversights.


Partners and Collaborators

Project Contact

Roger Perron
Economic Development Officer
RM of Ritchot
T. 204-899-0035

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