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Are you interested in exploring whether a financing program for home energy upgrades is a good fit for your community? Are you seeking clarity on the planning and development process? This self-paced course provides a comprehensive understanding of the key concepts necessary for assessing the potential and building the business case for a local efficiency financing program in your community.

Designed for both municipal staff and municipal partners who are advancing community sustainability and climate change initiatives, the course offers practical examples, relevant tools, and key steps in four modules:

  1. Setting goals for your local financing program
  2. Determining program audience and impact
  3. Reviewing available financing models
  4. Engaging stakeholders

Each module is designed to provide relevant information and resources on a stand-alone basis, ensuring participants receive the necessary knowledge to complete each topic. The course is structured to allow participants to access materials on their own time and learn at their own pace.

Through this course, participants will explore the following questions:  

  • How can a local financing program support my community’s sustainability goals and other priorities?
  • Which types of homes and homeowners could the program target, and how might this affect the potential reach and impact of the program?
  • Which financing models are applicable to my local context?
  • Which internal and external stakeholders should I consider engaging in the development of the program?

The information gathered through this course will help participants compile a compelling business case for their municipal council to develop a program that is tailored to their local context.

Ready to take the next step in planning a successful local financing program for home energy upgrades that aligns with your community's priorities?

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