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affordable housing building taken from the outside

To introduce custodians, maintenance personnel, and building operators from the affordable housing sector to energy efficiency, new technologies and facility retrofits, FCM partnered with the Saskatchewan Environmental Society and the Community Housing Transformation Centre to develop a revised and customized version of a Building Operators Training (BOT) program for the affordable housing sector across Canada.

This free online course will focus on the following five areas:

  • Water conservation: Focusing on water use, reduction and costs.
  • Electrical billing: How power is produced in your province and how that affects greenhouse gas emissions, electricity demand, and typical electrical consumption.
  • Lighting: Lighting facts, types of lighting, lighting controls, energy-saving tips, and how to estimate energy savings.
  • Electrical equipment: Energy monitoring, load scheduling, compressed air, premium efficiency motors, phantom loads, car plugs, electric heat, and appliances.
  • Heating, ventilation, and air conditioning: HVAC systems, heat recovery systems, cooling systems, and saving calculations.

This self-paced BOT course will demonstrate the basics of energy efficiency, new technologies, and facility retrofits that will save energy and money.

You will:

  • Learn how to confidently implement energy efficiency projects in your affordable housing building.
  • Identify opportunities to save costs by reducing energy use while maintaining a comfortable living space for residents.
  • Discover best practices in water conservation and energy efficiency in affordable housing in your region.
  • Learn how to use simple savings calculations that can be applied to homes and facilities to determine the best course of action.
  • Use the program workbook to make the training instantly relatable and to support the development of an energy efficiency plan that will create long-term change in your housing stock.

Want to take care of your residents, gain knowledge to implement action, and support your staff? Register for the BOT course today.

Building Operators Training for Community Housing Providers, brought to you by FCM’s Green Municipal Fund and the Community Housing Transformation Centre. Developed by Saskatchewan Environmental Society, 2022. All Rights Reserved.