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energy Energy

Webinar Recording: Enhance comfort and energy savings with municipal building envelopes

Watch this webinar to explore strategies for optimizing municipal building envelopes, enhancing both comfort and energy efficiency.

Webinar recording
energy Energy

Webinar recording: Energy Efficiency for Reaching Net-Zero

Learn how municipalities can advance energy efficiency initiatives to reach net-zero targets.

Webinar recording
energy Energy

Webinar recording: Planning for net-zero emissions

Municipal leaders and experts discuss strategies for achieving net-zero emissions targets and scaling up climate action efforts at the local level.

Webinar recording
waste Waste

Webinar recording: Net-Zero Circularity: Procurement

Watch this webinar recording to see how circular procurement can help put the principles of a circular economy into action.

Webinar recording

Webinar recording: Become a Climate Champion for Your Community

Watch this webinar recording to see how community climate champions face unique challenges in their role as they drive forward new ideas, mobilize partners, build relationships, and make tough decisions.

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Webinar recording
water Water

Webinar Recording: Sustainable municipal water management

Watch the webinar recording to discover current trends and research on the importance of sustainable municipal water management.

Water from a tap circling a drain.
energy Energy

Video: Durham Region, ON launches novel financing model

A video showcasing innovative and accessible financing options for home-energy upgrades.

Skyline of Durham Region, ON
land use Land Use

Learning Journey: Brownfields Redevelopment in your community

Find out how to rehabilitate and redevelop brownfields

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Case Study
energy | housing Energy | Housing

Case Study: Building greener Indigenous housing

Wachiay Friendship Centre is leveraging the expertise of GMF’s Sustainable Affordable Housing (SAH) initiative to develop energy-efficient, affordable housing in Courtenay, BC. Their new apartment complex, breaking ground in 2023, will provide homes for 40 Indigenous seniors and adults living on low income.
Creating affordable and energy-efficient homes in Courtenay, BC 
Webinar recording
transportation Transportation

Webinar recording: Removing funding and policy barriers to municipal fleet electrification

Watch this recording to learn how to electrify your municipal fleet of vehicles, reduce GHG emissions and build a healthier community.

Electrification in a sunny garage charges an electric bus with a portable battery.