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Case Study
land use Land Use

Case study: Edmonton develops a sustainable, carbon neutral live-work community

Learn how Edmonton, AB, designed a sustainable live-work community that uses 100% renewable energy and aims to be carbon neutral.
aerial view of compact community
Case Study
transportation Transportation

Case study: Region of Waterloo, ON, develops LRT to connect its urban centres

In 2019, the Region of Waterloo, ON, welcomed its first passengers on the ION Light Rail Transit system.
mother and children waiting for LRT
Case Study
water Water

Case study: Understanding climate change impacts key to prioritizing drainage infrastructure projects in Vernon, BC

Learn how applying a climate change lens helped Vernon, BC, understand their flood risk and prioritize infrastructure investments.
Landscape of Vernon BC
energy Energy

Regional Energy Coaches

Regional Energy Coaches help affordable housing providers plan energy efficiency retrofits and new builds.

Solar panel water heater on house roof green energy
Case Study
energy | housing Energy | Housing

Case study: New build achieves financial sustainability, social and environmental benefits

Thanks to extensive consultations, astute financial management and the incorporation of energy-saving technologies, a 67-unit development in Ontario’s Niagara Region provides affordable housing for seniors, and delivers environmental and social benefits without an ongoing operating subsidy.
affordable housing complex
Webinar recording
energy | housing Energy | Housing

Webinar recording: Making affordable housing sustainable

Watch this webinar recording to learn about the various forms of grant, loan and capacity building support we offer to help you retrofit existing units or build new ones.

SAH planning grant video
energy Energy

Factsheets: Municipal Energy Roadmap

These factsheets offer specific guidance around building-level solutions, community-level solutions, and long-term strategies to help you drill down and meet your objectives.

low-rise residential homes with solar panels