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Case Study: How Parkland County has uncovered the value of natural infrastructure

While natural assets such as wetlands are known to provide both tangible and intangible benefits for communities, their value can be hard to put a number on. The Alberta municipality of Parkland County has been experiencing extreme weather events and degradation of natural infrastructure. They evaluated the costs and benefits of maintaining and restoring wetlands and other ecosystems.
A brown and white cow standing in front of a water basin in the wetlands
Webinar recording
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Webinar recording: Benefits of integrated intensification for sustainable community development

This webinar teaches participants how land use decisions are tied to the fiscal health of a municipality and its ability to achieve climate targets.

Decorative image of a green landscape on one half, fading in to a close up of a hand holding a pencil writing on a planning document.
Case Study
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Case Study: Regina takes steps to revitalize and grow city core

Learn how Regina’s new land use strategy will help the city meet its sustainability and community goals over the next 10 years.
Parking lot in Regina, SK identified through the City's new land use strategy
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Video: new purpose for a 20-year-old brownfield site

Tara Tran, Senior planner, shares tips on how to sustain your efforts and progress in brownfield (or others) projects.

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Webinar recording: Take your project from study to capital

Watch this webinar recording and discover how others have successfully converted studies into a capital project that provides social, economic and environmental benefits.

Webinar recording
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Webinar recording: The 5 keys to a green municipal project business case

Watch this webinar recording and discover the five critical focus areas you need to address to get your project started, from financing and partnerships to integrating a triple-bottom-line approach.

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Measuring the value of natural assets

Learn how the City of Saskatoon began measuring the value of its natural assets as a way of informing municipal strategies for asset management and climate change.
Aerial view of the South Saskatchewan River as it passes through Saskatoon’s Nutana neighborhood.
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Brownfield Roadmaps

GMF's Brownfield Roadmaps provide a detailed overview of the process of bringing contaminated or abandoned sites back into productive use in your province or territory.

Excavator, bulldozer, and other equipment at construction site at twilight
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Case study: Remediation of a former landfill protects the Saint Lawrence and improves an urban area in Montreal

The City of Montreal’s Rehabilitation of the Pointe-Saint-Charles industrial park project is the 2020 winner in the brownfields category of FCM’s Sustainable Communities Awards.
Parc St Charles
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Case studies: 2020 Sustainable Communities Award winners

Discover the outstanding environmental initiatives that received FCM’s 2020 Sustainable Communities awards.