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Community efficiency financing Community efficiency financing
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Video: New municipal financing program removes barriers to energy-efficiency upgrades for homeowners

Marie-Pierre Paquette discusses how the municipalities of Plessisville, Varennes and Verchères banded together to launch a joint pilot project that would bring energy-efficient home renovations within reach for more homeowners.

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Webinar recording: How to adapt green municipal projects to stand the test of time

Watch this webinar recording and explore how to build and adapt projects to make them truly sustainable in the long term.

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Webinar recording: Take your project from study to capital

Watch this webinar recording and discover how others have successfully converted studies into a capital project that provides social, economic and environmental benefits.

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Webinar recording: The 5 keys to a green municipal project business case

Watch this webinar recording and discover the five critical focus areas you need to address to get your project started, from financing and partnerships to integrating a triple-bottom-line approach.

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Introducing GMF’s Community Buildings Retrofit initiative

Discover how GMF can support your community building retrofits, from funding for energy monitoring, building commissioning, studies and capital projects to capacity-building activities and resources.

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Sustainable affordable housing Sustainable affordable housing
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Video: 1,500 Toronto residents benefit from retrofit initiative

Bryan Purcell, of The Atmospheric Fund, tells the story of how an initiative to perform energy efficiency retrofits of 7 community housing buildings in Toronto achieved so much more.

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Article series: Meet LC3’s climate leaders

Read our article series to get to know the leaders of the Low Carbon Cities Canada (LC3) network, and learn how they are advancing effective ways to address climate change in big cities.

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Circular Cities & Regions Initiative

Interested in learning more about how the circular economy can come to life in cities and regions? Review the CCRI webinar recordings featuring speakers from leading organizations and global cities.

Municipal and community buildings Municipal and community buildings
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GMF’s Municipal Energy Roadmap

Solutions for Canadian communities to achieve significant GHG emissions reductions in buildings and meet long-term sustainability objectives.

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Measuring the value of natural assets

Learn how the City of Saskatoon began measuring the value of its natural assets as a way of informing municipal strategies for asset management and climate change.
Aerial view of the South Saskatchewan River as it passes through Saskatoon’s Nutana neighborhood.