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Webinar recording: Expert advice on electric vehicles for municipalities

Watch this webinar recording to hear from industry experts and municipal staff who have already embraced electrification on lessons learned and how to overcome common challenges.

Electric city bus parked at a charging station in an industrial area.
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Community Efficiency Financing market guide

Guide to help Canadian municipalities assess potential home energy upgrade programs

Download the CEF market guide
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Article series: How communities across Canada are electrifying their municipal fleets

This article series features inspiring ideas and projects being implemented in Canadian cities and towns of all sizes. Each article explores an innovative approach to electrifying municipal fleets.

Man inserts a charging cord into an electric car
Case Study
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Kingston overcomes fleet electrification barriers by adopting a leasing model

Confronted with financial, technological and policy barriers to electrification, the city developed a proactive strategy around a leasing policy to build their EV fleets. Discover how leasing can ease supply chain issues and support electrification until advanced EV technology becomes available in the market. This article is part of a series called Electrifying municipal vehicles.

One of Kingston's new EVs at a charger
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West Vancouver overcomes fleet charging barriers by upgrading the electrical capacity of municipal facilities

Facing common roadblocks related to lack of charging infrastructure? Learn how the city overcame these barriers by conducting a full electrical system update of two key municipal facilities and installing chargers for existing and future EVs. This article is part of a series called Electrifying municipal vehicles.

One of West Vancouver's new charging stations
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Calgary scales its electric fleets to reduce transportation emissions

When municipal staff was tasked with incorporating hybrid and fully electric vehicles into the municipal fleet, they encountered a variety of procurement, operational and process barriers. Learn how they broke through these barriers and acquired more than 30 EVs in 3 years to create one of the fastest growing EV fleets in western Canada. This article is part of a series called Electrifying municipal vehicles.

One of calgary's new EV's at a charging station
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Case studies: 2022 Sustainable Communities Award winners

Discover the outstanding environmental initiatives that received FCM’s 2022 Sustainable Communities Awards.
2022 Sustainable Communities Awards
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Case Study: A shift to sustainable transport in Atlantic Quebec

In an effort to reduce GHG emissions from transportation and provide more equitable transport options, a group of municipalities in the Gaspésie-Îles-de-la-Madeleine region teamed up with transit organization RÉGÎM to create TCiTé, a shared mobility project.
A REGIM branded vehicle parked in front of water and mountains in Quebec Maritimes
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Case Study: How Parkland County has uncovered the value of natural infrastructure

While natural assets such as wetlands are known to provide both tangible and intangible benefits for communities, their value can be hard to put a number on. The Alberta municipality of Parkland County has been experiencing extreme weather events and degradation of natural infrastructure. They evaluated the costs and benefits of maintaining and restoring wetlands and other ecosystems.
A brown and white cow standing in front of a water basin in the wetlands