Capacity Building

Capacity Building

Local skills development for next-level climate action

Through our grants and financing, we help municipalities identify high-impact climate action opportunities and lower the risks of innovation. But to achieve GMF’s vision of creating an ecosystem that enables local sustainability solutions to be easily replicated and scaled up, municipal staff and elected officials need support to take their next steps. GMF provides this support through structured learning programs, peer support, information resources and access to training and skills development.

No matter where municipalities are on their climate action journey—from introductory awareness to project implementation to scaling proven solutions— our capacity building programming offers multiple learning pathways and products to help build their knowledge and skills every step of the way. 2022–23 marked the first full implementation year of our new capacity development strategy, which focused on three directions:

  • Connect and convene a municipal movement in Canada to encourage collaboration, learning, and skills-building
  • Improve GMF-funded project implementation, results and scaling
  • Inspire, inform and amplify local climate solutions to enable replication and scale

Last year, we acted on that strategy by bringing more communities together, working with new partners and sharing our expertise in more ways—to ensure municipalities have the support, knowledge and tools required to improve and implement their sustainability projects.


Capacity development 2022–23

  • 4,111 participants in webinars, workshops, training sessions and peer learning sessions
  • 309 participants in GMF peer-to-peer community of practice activities
  • 534 delegates at the Sustainable Communities Conference (473 in person and 61 virtual)